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*processor restore - rsberzerker - 08-29-2017

When using one of the processors (statprocessor in my case), I pipe it to hashcat. But unlike a normal wordlist/mask, there is no built-in save/restore. The wiki states to use -s,  --skip=NUM     skip number of words (for restore) .

My question is where do I get the NUM to put in? In the hashcat status, do I use the progress number? Does that hold true if I'm using rules to amplify it (which I am)?

RE: *processor restore - atom - 08-31-2017

If you pipe to hashcat, you can not make use of the -s option.

RE: *processor restore - rsberzerker - 08-31-2017

I meant the skip to be used in the *processor command, not hashcat, but is the number to give the *processor the progress number from the hashcat status when using rules?