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Hashcat on FPGA (old bitcoin miners) - Blackheart - 10-08-2017

Hey guys ,
I been using oclhashcat on my mid gaming rig , thnx for creating this tool 
But yesterday I discovered this 

They all are about using FPGA but only theory with no tutorialsn
Being completely new to FPGA , I would like to help on building a FPGA cluster or single FPGA for hash cracking 

I also found 
This paper :https://arxiv.org/abs/1605.07819
Video : https://youtu.be/0wWa9dfEVgw

Above is specifically what I would like 

Assuming I already have opencl compartiable FPGA board , what's next?
Should I just plug it in my PC > Install drivers > Run hashcat and it will detect the FPGA ?

Thank you for your time

RE: Hashcat on FPGA (old bitcoin miners) - atom - 10-08-2017

You need a FPGA that comes with an OpenCL runtime