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wpa2 broken - ejonesss - 10-16-2017

over at hackaday


wpa2 is broken

if this is new news do you plan to implement it into  future hashcat?

RE: wpa2 broken - rsberzerker - 10-16-2017

I'd guess no. This attack isn't a way to crack the actual password, but trick the endpoint into connecting to another device with a known password.

RE: wpa2 broken - Flomac - 10-16-2017

Afaik that flaw can be patched. Problem: tons of Android devices with Android >6.0 are vulnerable and might never receive an update.

RE: wpa2 broken - Mem5 - 10-16-2017

You must be physically next to the AP for this attack.
Hashcat won't help you to do this.