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Slow Perfomance Nvidia 8800 GTS 512 - Ace - 11-30-2011

Hello Guys..

I am trying to Crack some IPB hashes with my nvidia 8800 GTS 512. I am using cudahashcat-plus with Simple wordlist attack...

I read the manual and it says that if we have older graphics cards like 8800 GTS we have to enable the "Use non-blocking async calls" setting. I got 15-20% Improved Speed But its not enough!

I am only getting a 50% GPU power!

Status.......: Running
Input.Mode...: File (D:\WordLists\my_wordlist.txt)
Hash.Type....: IPB2, MyBB1.2
Time.Running.: 1 sec
Time.Left....: 6 mins, 4 secs
Time.Util....: 1928.0ms/6.1ms Real/CPU, 0.3% idle
Speed........: 11457.1k c/s Real, 10513.5k c/s GPU
Recovered....: 0/64018 Digests, 0/63765 Salts
Progress.....: 22408553/4202942445 (0.53%)
Rejected.....: 318825/22408553 (1.42%)
HW.Monitor.#1: 47% GPU, 50c Temp

Only 47% Usage. What i have to do to get the best perfomance?!

RE: Slow Perfomance Nvidia 8800 GTS 512 - atom - 11-30-2011

add rules. for example: "-r rules/d3ad0ne.rule"