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NEED HELP WITH HASHCAT - aidensmith - 11-18-2017

I've downloaded hashcat 2 different versions, the latest one as well as an older version. I almost have it figured out, i am on the last step before i can dehash passwords however something is wrong and i am not sure what it is. if someone can add me on skype so i can screenshare you i would gladly appreciate it.


add me on skype danny.brooke@outlook.com

RE: NEED HELP WITH HASHCAT - royce - 11-19-2017

* You should definitely use hashcat 4.0.1
* Please don't use the word 'dehash'; that's not what any hash-cracking utility does (because it implies reversing a hash, which is by definition impossible
* Search out how to copy text from your command prompt, so you can copy the output here
* But please redact any hashes or private material