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[ask] cap to hccapx - ghsi10 - 12-06-2017

hi, i work on project that included hashcat and i need to convert cap to hccapx
but in java/python (java is better for me)

anyone did it ?

RE: [ask] cap to hccapx - undeath - 12-06-2017

I only know of C implementations

RE: [ask] cap to hccapx - ghsi10 - 12-06-2017

i did one for hccap before but its alot of time.
so i asked if someone already did it.

thanks anyway

RE: [ask] cap to hccapx - undeath - 12-06-2017

If you already have one for hccap it should be easy to adopt to hccapx.

RE: [ask] cap to hccapx - ghsi10 - 12-07-2017

not really easy Tongue but i should do it

RE: [ask] cap to hccapx - ZerBea - 12-07-2017

Hi ghsi10.
Nice idea (a python/java port).
But if you do that, please do not write this message_pairs into your converted hccapx:
It is not possible to convert them back to a cap.

Please use instead:
This message_pairs can be converted back to a cap.
Set also bit 8 in the message_pair value if you skip the replaycount check (we need this for nonce-error-corrections).
Add also detection of cleaned caps (timestamp = 0). We need the timestamp to calculate the EAPOL timer values.
Set bit 8 on cleaned caps or ignore that caps.

It's just in case that your python/java conversion program or the converted caps are published in www.
We are running into heavy issues using hccapx files from a conversion tool that doesn't take care about this.
If you need some informations about 802.11 frames, let me know.

The conversion is easy to do. The new struct can be found here: https://hashcat.net/wiki/doku.php?id=hccapx
Only a few additional fields must be added.


RE: [ask] cap to hccapx - ghsi10 - 12-11-2017

first of all thanks all.
i make a class of handshake in java and convert cap to List<handshake>

private String essid;
private String bssid;
private String station;
private String snonce;
private String anonce;
private String eapol;
private String eapolSize;
private String keyVersion;
private String keyMic;