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New - SgailBais - 01-12-2018

I am new to the process of all this. I am simply looking for some help to navigate this program. I am trying to learn more about computer but cracking passwords is something i have no clue about. I am not using this program to do illegal things or break into someones computers. I'm simply using it to get into old hard drives i find so i can go in and delete everything so i can use them. If there is someone who could please help me it would be much appreciated please feel free to email me. Thank you

RE: New - royce - 01-12-2018

Wiping a hard drive for reuse doesn't usually involve having to provide a password.

Unless you're trying to revive drives that were wiped with ATA Secure Erase and have a security password set on them (which I don't think hashcat supports)?