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Hashtopussy and Network Switches - FPTHHrw6mKhNZwL6 - 02-02-2018


has anyone cobbled up a 20+ PC cluster before?

I assume that most routers will only have space for 5 ports, how to expand this? Is a router compatible with a network switch?

Sorry all I'm new to all this and want to get my first hashtopussy cluster correct without any hitches.

RE: Hashtopussy and Network Switches - Chick3nman - 02-02-2018

20+ PC Clusters are definitely well within range, trust me Smile

Now, clustering them using Hashtopussy is a different story. i have not used Hashtopussy at that scale so I can't speak for how well it will perform. As for networking them, you should be fine with any large, high speed switch.

RE: Hashtopussy and Network Switches - soxrok2212 - 02-03-2018

I’ve had a cluster with 100+ nodes. You don’t need anything crazy. The only bandwidth heavy part is sending dictionaries to agents. The rest is just agent status etc. All done over HTTP(S).

Any switch will do just fine. You can find switches with a lot of ports, but the more ports you want generallly means you’ll be moving into the professional equipment range... $$$ Get one with at least gigabit speeds.