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--markov-disable and HCstat file - azaran - 02-03-2018

Hi there,

I've tried to search the forum and I've even made a quick search in the code but I couldn't find the answer to the question: "Why is HCstat file required even when using parameter --markov-disable?". 

I get the general idea of Markov chains and why I need statistics of some corpus there but I kinda don't get the need of the file when I'm disabling the feature. Is there smth like defined charsets or something like that in it?

RE: --markov-disable and HCstat file - undeath - 02-03-2018

it's probably more a bug/missing feature than a necessity.

RE: --markov-disable and HCstat file - azaran - 02-03-2018

Alright I thought it might be like that but I wasn't 100% sure. Thanks