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Call custom algorithm form hashcat - DevForRest - 03-02-2018


I have string which was encrypted using combine of few algorithm (not standart MD5 or else) implemented on C# using .Net libraries.
Is there way to call this algorithm from hashcat?
For example, I'll create some assembly with public method and specific input/output parameters to check if password acceptable for encrypted string or not?
Is there some documentation or examples implemented?


PS. Sorry if it's stupid question, I'm new in this.

RE: Call custom algorithm form hashcat - atom - 06-16-2018

Of course it's possible. You just need to rewrite the algorithm as kernel in OpenCL (basically strong reduced C language).

There's no official documentation about the process adding a new algorithm, but there are some example PR on github that show all the files you need to change. See this commit for example: https://github.com/hashcat/hashcat/commit/f0a84a2410fe5832ee120c3cbe62a84dca42b511

RE: Call custom algorithm form hashcat - komyak - 10-10-2018

This is a current link to the changes: