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Pause Certain Devices - BuckGup - 03-31-2018

Is it possible to only pause 1 GPU out of 2? I would like to have one run 24/7 but pause the other when I actually want to use my PC. Is this even possible? Thanks

RE: Pause Certain Devices - royce - 03-31-2018

There's no interactive native way to do this today.

You could work around this by scripting something that does the following:

1. Stop the job.
2. Modify the restore file using https://github.com/philsmd/analyze_hc_restore to change the job's parameters.
3. Restart the job with --restore.

The script could toggle between the two states that you want.

You could either change the list of GPUs, or change the work profile to something more tolerant of interactive use (like -w1) and then back to a high-performing profile when you're not using it (like -w4).