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Binary hashlist - Larrax - 07-16-2018

Several hashcat formats, like WPA2 hccapx or TrueCrypt, require binary input.
Is it possible to run hashcat with multiple binary inputs at once, similar to hashlists which are separated by a newline?

Looking forward to you answer!

RE: Binary hashlist - undeath - 07-16-2018

For hccapx you can simply concatenate mulitple files. I'm not sure about TC/VC.

RE: Binary hashlist - Larrax - 07-16-2018

Thanks for the reply. I wonder how hashcat output behaves with such "binary hashlists"?

If hashcat produces several "hash:plain" sections after one another in the output file, it becomes unreadable, as you can not know, where is the binary-hash/separator/newline and the found "plain" password.

RE: Binary hashlist - atom - 07-16-2018

WPA supports multiple handshakes
TC/VC does not