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Inclusion of more rules - arex1337 - 01-01-2012

I found some more rules for oclHashcat here. Some of them turned out to work very well. Especially:
  • KoreLogicRulesAppendJustNumbers
  • KoreLogicRulesPrependRockYou50000
  • KoreLogicRulesAppend2Letters
  • KoreLogicRulesAppendYears
  • KoreLogicRulesPrependNumNumNumNum
  • KoreLogicRulesPrependYears

Maybe some of these rules (and similar ones) can be included in oclHashcat? I'd love more rules - and also a more systematic approach to them Tongue

Some day I might run all the rules I can get my hands on with the top 5 dictionaries against the top 5 leaked password databases and rank all the rules. Also, I might compose my own rules in a systematic way and rank those as well. When I have time...

RE: Inclusion of more rules - atom - 01-02-2012

no, you can do the same with new hybrid attack, but more efficient and dynamic.