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Extracting ESSID from hccapx files - elidell - 11-01-2018

Title says it all really.  Is it possible to take an hccapx file and merely see what ESSIDs are in it without cracking the passwords?  
I was playing around with hcxdumptool /hcxpcaptool over the weekend and have a bunch of hccapx files I had generated with the date time as their name.  I shouldn't have done that.  Now i know some of them have more than 1 ESSID but i have no clue as to what ESSIDS are in each file, and sometimes knowing the name of a network can give hints to creating a more effective wordlist.

It would be nice if i could run some magical tool that would split the hccapx file into files for each essid and tell me the network name of each before running through hashcat.  Or if hcxpcap tool was able to do that with pcapng file.

RE: Extracting ESSID from hccapx files - freeroute - 11-01-2018

Use this command:
"wlanhcxinfo -i handshake.hccapx -a -s -e -p" or
"wlanhcxinfo -i handshake.hccpax -e

-a : list access points
-e : list essid
-s : list stations
-p : list messagepair

RE: Extracting ESSID from hccapx files - Mem5 - 11-01-2018

According to hccapx structure https://hashcat.net/wiki/doku.php?id=hccapx#detailed_structure
ESSID offset is from 0x0a to 0x29.
wlanhcxinfo tool can extract for you, or you can do it with standard linux tool as well.