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Wordlist + rules length filter - Dr-Tibetor - 11-13-2018


If I use brute force (1-8 ?a) and in second step use wordlist + rules, second step calculate hash <9 char length and waste time.
Please implement command in ex. --wordlist-min for filter words after rules, befor calculate hash.
Preproces is not good idea for very big real password wordlists and different rules files.

Thank you

RE: Wordlist + rules length filter - royce - 11-15-2018

The traditional answer:

This is a known issue. Because rules are applied on GPU, this can't be fixed for fast hashes without significantly slowing down cracking - and doesn't need to be fixed for slow hashes, because you can filter out long candidates before they're passed to the final instance hashcat (so you'd apply rules in one instance of hashcat with --stdout, and then pipe them to the cracking instance of hashcat).

That being said, this may change someday with the new -S / --slow-candidates option.