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hashcat-gui v0.5.0 - scandium - 01-14-2012

Download it here: http://hashcat.net/hashcat-gui/

hashcat-gui-0.5.0 (14 January 2012)
  - update to hashcat v0.38
  - update to oclHashcat-plus v0.07
  - update to oclHashcat-lite v0.08

RE: hashcat-gui v0.5.0 - Incisive - 01-16-2012

Thank you very much for continuing to update the GUI! I've found it exceedingly helpful, both to actually run the hashcat programs easily, and to generate the command lines for later regression tests.

RE: hashcat-gui v0.5.0 - Rabbitz - 01-17-2012

Any other news, or just lastest version of hashcat?

RE: hashcat-gui v0.5.0 - scandium - 01-18-2012

(01-17-2012, 09:35 PM)Rabbitz Wrote: Any other news, or just lastest version of hashcat?

There have been lots of changes all over the place, in the UI itself (as you can see if you compare the interface to the version before) and internally, but they are far too many to list. But you are right, I could have mentioned such things in the changelog. I usually only mention things if they are really user-visible or if I credit someone for a suggestion or a reported bug. To prevent civil disobedience and stuff :-)

RE: hashcat-gui v0.5.0 - blandyuk - 01-19-2012

OK just been testing it and here are some things I've found:
  • The length of the application is too long, you need to make it wider rather than longer, it's ok on my big rig @ 1920 x 1080 BUT on my laptop it goes past end of screen @ 1280x800. If I maximize it, a lot of the textboxes squash up really small and are not usable.
  • It still doesn't save any of the dictionaries / file locations etc and is the real reason I still wont use it.

If you fix the second point I will start using it Smile I have to redo everything everytime I open it.

RE: hashcat-gui v0.5.0 - pitycu - 04-09-2012

same problem here backtrack 5 r2,i can't see the start button....

[Image: snapshot1.jpg]

thank you

resolution: 1366x768