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Hashcat drops speed - powermi - 05-16-2019

Hi, I started to have some issues with hashcat while hashing WPA in large sesions (more than an hour). It drops speed a lot and sometimes after doing a Checkpoint and restarting it goes well again.
Any idea of what could be the problem? card is a GTX 1060 on windows 10.

Session..........: blanca8-9d
Status...........: Running
Hash.Type........: WPA-PMKID-PBKDF2
Hash.Target......: C:\Users\Jhon Doe\Google Drive\pass\Capturas\blanca.16800
Time.Started.....: Thu May 16 07:31:36 2019 (2 hours, 30 mins)
Time.Estimated...: Thu May 16 11:52:18 2019 (1 hour, 50 mins)
Guess.Mask.......: ?d?d?d?d?d?d?d?d [8]
Guess.Queue......: 1/2 (50.00%)
Speed.#1.........:    83136 H/s (343.84ms) @ Accel:256 Loops:128 Thr:1024 Vec:1
Recovered........: 0/13 (0.00%) Digests, 0/13 (0.00%) Salts
Progress.........: 750256128/1300000000 (57.71%)
Rejected.........: 0/750256128 (0.00%)
Restore.Point....: 4718592/10000000 (47.19%)
Restore.Sub.#1...: Salt:5 Amplifier:8-9 Iteration:2048-2176
Candidates.#1....: 78806651 -> 73705881

RE: Hashcat drops speed - hashserious - 05-17-2019

1. I don't see temperature readings anywhere. Would check that as a first candidate.
2. What's the command you are running?

x. 4 hours = large session. Okay.

RE: Hashcat drops speed - powermi - 05-18-2019

I'm running it trough a GUI with -w 4 and PMKID hash on dictionary attack.
The thing is that it starts really well and after couple of hours drops, I have only 8 gb of RAM and I'm running a 20 gb dictionary. does it matters?
I constantly monitor the temp, and never goes beyond 70ºc.


RE: Hashcat drops speed - soxrok2212 - 05-20-2019

You have 13 PMKIDs in one file. If you’re only targeting one network, remove all the others.

RE: Hashcat drops speed - atom - 05-22-2019

Some GUI automatically set some options which cause hashcat to not fully inform you about all events. Restart using only the hash and the wordlist with no other options and monitor the temperature. Additionally use afternburner to set power limit and fan speed to 100%. Then keep an eye on hashcat console