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Hashcat Brain - mrmike - 05-26-2019

Does brain remember everything that has been attempted?

For example if I run a dictionary attack, and then run a bruteforce attack with rules with overlapping candidates, would those candidates be skipped?

If I ran a dictionary attack, then removed 50% of the contents of the dictionary and re-ran, would 100% be rejected?

RE: Hashcat Brain - philsmd - 05-26-2019

it depends on the --brain-client-features that was set (see hashcat --help).

brain + "--brain-client-features 3" (or "--brain-client-features 1") only makes sense with slow hashes (not something like MD5/NTLM etc, because it will slow down the attack)

RE: Hashcat Brain - mrmike - 05-26-2019

I found the above tests had an unexpected result, however with "--brain-client-features 3" it works as expected. For some reason I thought that was enabled by default. Thanks! Not sure if WPA is considered fast or slow.

RE: Hashcat Brain - philsmd - 05-26-2019

slow is slow, WPA is slow enough

RE: Hashcat Brain - powermi - 05-28-2019

Do Pot file should be enable for using brain feature? would remenber the hash and the password attemped and the attack type?

RE: Hashcat Brain - undeath - 05-28-2019

you should always use the potfile, unless you are tracking cracked hashes through other means (eg outfile). hashcat brain will not do that.