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Help with 3 word combination - Dawbs - 10-10-2019


I have a 3 word wpa hash in the format of "word-word-word" (including the -).  with a 3-4-5 mask/keyspace (in any order) with one of the words being in capitals.

I have 3 word lists, one for each word length, and in each file every word appears twice. Once in lower case & once in upper case

Can anyone suggest how I run the 3 word lists and add the "-" in-between?

I believe this would work for 2 words but not sure how to make it run for 3
hashcat64.exe -m 2500 -a 1 -j '$-' dict1.txt dict2.text ..........

I'm currently running Hashcat on windows

Many thanks in advance.