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Mask Attack - mihirahuja828 - 12-24-2019

Hey I am a noobie in hashcat...
I just wanted help in a mask attack. For example i knew the last 2 characters of the password to be '24' and i have created a wordlist of my own in a .txt file, and i also know that all the characters before the '24' are lower case letters, I just don't know the length of the lower case characters and i want hashcat to try my wordlist to fill in the gaps and increment only the lower case letter space cuz i know the last two is '24'. Can anyone suggest me the best way to do this or the best command please. It is very urgent for retrieving my encrypted phone backup please....

RE: Mask Attack - undeath - 12-24-2019

Your description is pretty confused. Thread title says something about mask attack, yet you write about a wordlist of some kind.

Can you clarify what exactly you want to do? What is this wordlist you mention? How was it created? What do you expect the password to look like?

Based on that you may want to do a wordlist+rules or a mask attack.

RE: Mask Attack - Sondero - 12-25-2019

I´m not sure if i understand you correct, but you can try this mask:

a 3 -i ?l?l?l?l?l?l?l?l?l?l?l?l?l24

RE: Mask Attack - Sondero - 12-25-2019

(12-25-2019, 02:50 PM)Sondero Wrote: I´m not sure if i understand you correct, but you can try this mask:

a 3 -i ?l?l?l?l?l?l?l?l?l?l?l?l?l24

Ah, ok, i think i understand yout Problem:

word from Wordlist + some lower letters + 24 ?

An easy way to do it is "The Menatlist" (Github)

RE: Mask Attack - mihirahuja828 - 12-31-2019

I dont know whether its a mask attack or not but i have a password with some words joined together (all lower case) and i have managed to type those words in a .txt document. I also know that the last two characters of my password are '24'. Now i want hashcat to try the combination of those words from the wordlist for a given length along with '24' and increment the lower case letters placeholder by one. For example, the wordlist has three words, love, yum, mac.. i want those words to be tried with different permutation and combination like loveyummac24, yumlovemac24 and then when tried all just increase the placeholder of lower letter by one.

RE: Mask Attack - undeath - 01-01-2020

princeprocessor does almost what you want but it will also use words multiple times, eg yumyumyum

To append the fixed part "24" you can add a rule to hashcat. You can pipe in princeprocessor's result to hashcat on attack mode 0.