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eGPU - posterberg - 02-07-2020

I am planning to buy an eGPU box for a 2080ti card.

Do you know of any eGPU with great performance that works with Hashcat in both Linux and Windows?

I noticed on egpu.io that there's a column labelled "I/O ports bandwidth", some cards have 5Gbps and some 10Gbps. How does this affect on the cracking speed?

Razor Core X seems to be in top but the Razer Core X Chroma has more GPU power which I assume is good since these card draw a lot of current.

Then the Asus XG Station Pro seems to be the first card in the list having 10Gbps bandwidth.

I hope that any of you have experience to share so I don't have to buy several boxes before I find one that works great.