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Help with hashcat infrastructure - zenzla - 04-07-2020

Hello guys i am kinda desperate here!

i am trying to create a website where i can upload .cap files (wpa2) so i can go to hotels that are in my area to offers them a wifi security service. My issue is i have to wait be home to upload my files. i want to be able to do it from my website while i am still looking for new clients. (sometimes i meet with more than 5 clients per day)

My problem is i don't know where to start i am very familiar with hashcat but never worked on a project like this one. Any suggestion on front end back end infrastructure with hashcat would be appreciated.

So far i am looking at different github projects but i don't wanna start something and realize after spending hours that i was doing it wrong.

Here are some Github links that i have been watching.





https://github.com/veryfancypants/wpa_server --> this one is for windows so yeah...

Thank you in advance for your time!

RE: Help with hashcat infrastructure - ZerBea - 04-07-2020

Try this one:

RE: Help with hashcat infrastructure - zenzla - 04-07-2020

Ok thank you very much ill check it out!