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rling (rli replacement) testing wanted - Waffle - 07-19-2020

I've been working for the last couple of weeks on an RLI replacement, with the usual CynoSurePrime folks.  It has the same syntax as rli, but adds quite a few new features (including working with stdin/stdout), and being 10-20x faster.  Small files (100K lines) are processed more or less instantly.  Larger files (1,000,000,000 lines, 10gigabytes) take about 25 seconds on a moderately fast machine.

I'm looking for people to break this, prior to generate release.  Source is available as well as pre-compiled binaries for AIX, PowerPC (BE and LE), Intel, Linux, Windows and MacOSX.

Can you help?  Drop me a note.

Thank you!

RE: rling (rli replacement) testing wanted - royce - 04-14-2024

Necromancing a bit to close the loop on this thread - rling was completed some time ago, and is on GitHub: