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low-end CPU recommendation. - powermi - 08-31-2020

Hi! Im gonna build a home server where occasionally I would run Hashcat with a Nvidia 2060. My concern is to know what recommended low end CPU should I consider?
Im leaning towards a Celeron 5400 or a Pentium Gold, will them be ok for running Hashcat and provide some extra hash/sec?


RE: low-end CPU recommendation. - slyexe - 09-01-2020

Depending on what you're wanting to do with hashcat, I would look at an expandable motherboard for more GPU's rather than relating to the CPU for more hashes/s. What type of hashes are you working with?

RE: low-end CPU recommendation. - undeath - 09-01-2020

I'd go for a AMD A8-9600 or similarly cheap AMD quad core CPU.

RE: low-end CPU recommendation. - powermi - 09-01-2020

Thanks for the reply.. any reason for going to AMD over Intel?
primary the hashes will be WPA.

RE: low-end CPU recommendation. - undeath - 09-02-2020

It doesn't make any difference for hashcat but in a home server more cores at the same price can't hurt.

RE: low-end CPU recommendation. - powermi - 09-22-2020

Finally I'm willing to spend a hot more and going for a mid-range CPU. Should I consider anything related to the core numbers? I've read that should be at least two cores per GPU, should it be like this even I'm not using the CPU for direct hashing?

RE: low-end CPU recommendation. - royce - 09-23-2020

FWIW, for some attacks I've seen it's good to have one core per GPU. I haven't seen anything that would benefit from multiple cores per GPU.