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invalid hash value - sergel198 - 02-29-2012

Hi guys!
I am newbie here.
Can tell me somebody why i got from time to time messages "invalid hash value", like on picture?

I've removed this shit for the second time now. Do not post hashes here.

What its mean?
Is it mean, that this hashes is uncrackable? And why?
All of them is 13 proper char length.
Or somebody can tell me how to find this types of hashes from big (100mb) list and how to crack them.
I will be very thankful for any help!
Many thanks!

RE: invalid hash value - atom - 02-29-2012

in descrypt, 11 char from 13 are the hash digest. they are base64 encoded. so the result from length 11 * 6 = 66 - but the hash is only 64 bit. that means a "valid" descrypt can not have set the last 2 bit. your hashes do have them set for whatever reason.

RE: invalid hash value - sergel198 - 02-29-2012

Ok, thanks Admin!
This hashes was grabbed from really passfiles
have i any chance to decrypt them?
And second question, dear Admin:
Any tool for sorting this types of hashes?
to remove them from my hashlist?

RE: invalid hash value - radix - 02-29-2012

use --remove and -o

RE: invalid hash value - sergel198 - 02-29-2012

many thanks, radix