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Memory.Free - sunday1487 - 11-08-2020


When I type 
.\hashcat.exe --backend-info
I get information about CUDA device:

hashcat (v6.1.1) starting...
CUDA Info:
CUDA.Version.: 11.1
Backend Device ID #1 (Alias: #3)
  Name...........: GeForce RTX 2060
  Processor(s)...: 30
  Clock..........: 1830
  Memory.Total...: 6144 MB
  Memory.Free....: 5012 MB

How can I increase the free memory?

Thanks in advance for replies.

RE: Memory.Free - Mem5 - 11-08-2020

With hashcat? You can't.

RE: Memory.Free - undeath - 11-09-2020

The obvious solution would be shutting down programs that use your GPU. For example windows.

What you hope to achieve by that is beyond me though.