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oclHashcat fails - Rox - 03-04-2012

I am trying to decode a hash but oclHashcat fails:

# ./oclHashcat-plus64.bin -m 0 /root/Desktop/hash.txt -a 3 hash
oclHashcat-plus v0.07 by atom starting...

Hashes: 1
Unique digests: 1
Bitmaps: 8 bits, 256 entries, 0x000000ff mask, 1024 bytes
GPU-Loops: 128
GPU-Accel: 40
Password lengths range: 1 - 15
Platform: AMD compatible platform found
ERROR: ERROR: clGetDeviceIDs() -1

Do I miss something?

RE: oclHashcat fails - radix - 03-04-2012

drivers installed?

RE: oclHashcat fails - Rox - 03-06-2012

Yes! The drivers for my ATI Mobillity Radeon HD 3450 graphics card are installed on all OS:es I have tried.
I have tried oclHashcat-plus on Backtrack 64bit, Ubuntu 11.10 64bit and Windows 7 64bit. I get exactly the same error on all of them. I am NOT virtualizing the OS.

I am running Catalyst version 12.1.

What could it be? I have drivers installed. I can run other OpenCL programs, but not oclHashcat-plus.

Do I have to install something else?

EDIT: I read here: http://developer.amd.com/sdks/AMDAPPSDK/pages/DriverCompatibility.aspx that my card is not supported by AMD APP SDK. oclHashcat team should update the information on the website and make a link to that site of supported ATI cards. :-)

RE: oclHashcat fails - KT819GM - 03-06-2012


This thread should be sent by user registration confirmation email or something, day by day same story and always claims that it's hidden or something. All cheap cards not supported!