Temperature indicates 0 degree celcius
I am running the example cudaExample.sh on a Dell Vostro with Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick.

I downloaded it and decompressed it, but I didn't find "forceware" nor "steam" with apt-cache search. So I just did
add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-x-swat-/x-updates
apt-get update
apt-get install nvidia-current

cudaHashcat-lite64.bin seems to be running fine, the total time it is going to take will apparently be about 2 hours and the notebook does not seem to be overheating. At least, when I put my hand on it, it is warm as usual and not boiling Smile. I heard the fan accelerating but it has now stabilised.

The problem is, I feel I have to watch it in case it overheats. When I type s for "status" the last line is:
HWMon.GPU.#1.: 0% GPU, 0c Temp

It cannot be at 0 celsius, the room itself is around 18 celsius. So I am worried that, if the temperature indicator is not working, it will not stop automatically if it overheats.

What should I do, please?
Well, it hasn't set my computer on fire yet Smile
You need to update to a recent driver. The one in Ubuntu 10.10 repo is totally outdated.
I'll try on a computer running Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric) then. The computer itself is older, I hope this won't matter.