News in the hashcracking software scene : new version of EGB
"Inspired" by this thread.

EGB was updated to version 2.2

Now, the juiciest changes:

1. It's faster than latest public releases of cats on all algorithms with 2+ hashes, thanks to The Green Company.

2. It allows you to load a hell of a lot of hashes. My "records" are 80M MD5s and 155M MySQLv3.23 hashes. Bruteforce was stable, and that's 1.5GB of vRAM. If you have a Tesla with ECC disabled and 6 GB of RAM, you can load something like 300~320M MD5 hashes. And your PC wont explode!
I know the JtR style speed report is technically right, but the commonly used standard is the speed per one hash. When I loaded 155M MySQL hashes, the speed was ~ 148.243M p/s, which makes it ~ 23 Quadrillion(10^15) checks per second total. That's almost as fast as Sc00bz's MySQL collider!

3. It's smaller now, with ~ 43 KB per algo and a single binary, with a better suggested folder structure.

Full post here

Download EGB here
Oooohh.... Nice!

So.... why haven't you submitted a talk proposal for Passwords^12 yet? ;-)
(I intend to announce first batch of speakers pretty soon - this will be one superduper password conference!)