attack modes description missing
"Attack-mode, see references below" and there is nothing below.
i think you are talking about v0.08. however, its already fixed in v0.09 beta. but thanks for reporting anyway!
@atom:: No, he's talking about oclHashcat-lite-0.09, however, it's still not fixed in oclHashcat-lite-0.10b48.
I double checked everything. v0.09. Catalyst 12.2.

Encountered another thing relating to this:
C:\oclHashcat-lite-0.09>oclHashcat-lite64.exe -V

C:\oclHashcat-lite-0.09>oclHashcat-lite64.exe -a
oclHashcat-lite64.exe: unknown option -- a
oclHashcat-lite64.exe: unknown option -- a


attack mode option not being recognized?
oclHashcat-lite does not know about any attack modes. i cant understand the thread at all.
@skalderis:: You fooled me more than you fooled yourself!

oclHashcat-lite doesn't have any attack modes other than brute-forcing, so no -a nor "Attack-modes" reference should be there.

@atom:: This line should be removed from --help of oclHashcat-lite:
-a,  --attack-mode=NUM             Attack-mode, see references below
I would blame the absence of a single good source of documentation. I'm all over internet trying to find out how hascat works.
@M@LIK: already done in 0.10