[Solved] dictionary cleaning
hi guys!
can somebody help me to clean my dictionaries?
in my dicts i can see many lines like on next screenshot:
in which way i can remove lines contains unprintable characters from my lists?
sed -i '/\x00/d'
from x00 to x09, its work fine, but for 011 to 031 chars not work
also with
sed '/\011/d'
sed "/\c K/d"
sed '/'"$(printf '\011')"'$/d'

have no luck
help, please BASH Guru!
you tried strings?

strings < in.dict > out.dict
strings < in.dict > out.dict remove all from list
may by need some options?
Nobody dont know?
nobody know what? you said "yes!" and that strings removed everything from the list. did you have another question?
You right, sorry, my reply was not correct.
this function remove ALL content from list, not only lines what i need to remove.
I do not know why?
Can somebody show me any working example how to remove lines with unprintable characters?
Again very sorry, i just install my LinuxMint 13 Mate (2 weeks ago) and im newbie in this OS.
And my "Yes!" means - i tried this strings and have negative result.
Still need help!
it's kind of a tricky subject and requires some experience.

the issue might be solely with your language settings. just because your system is unable to represent a character doesn't mean it's unprintable. it could also be why strings and other console utilities are failing.

can you show us the output of ''echo $LANG'' and ''file <hashfile>''?
echo $LANG

file hashfile
hashfile: ERROR: cannot open `hashfile' (No such file or directory)
where must to be file hashfile?
He meant your dictionary file.
OK, sorry
03.txt: ASCII text