What Hash is this? Tried everything
Hey I'm currently trying to find a type of hash. I've tried everything.

Plain Text: testtest

Hash: <removed>

No Salt, nothing. Couldn't manage to figure it out.

Thanks in advance if someone helps out!
It's from you didn't read the rules so take a week to familiarize yourself with them.
Sorry if I'm being thick but what is the rationale for banning someone that posts an example hash with a plaintext?

I know the rules says "Do not post your hash unless you are asked to do so" but is there a specific reason it doesn't say "Do not post any hash with unknown plaintext unless asked to do so"?
Wow, I deserve a kick in the balls for that one.
I admit that I didn't catch the plaintext there either. Just saw the "what hash is this" followed by hash.
Still, there was no context at all.
(12-19-2014, 01:44 PM)Xanadrel Wrote: Still, there was no context at all.

True. But what was the original hash again? @Gandath can you repost it, and preferably some more info about where you got it? Since you do have a plaintext I reckon you also have a lot more info we could actually benefit from knowing.