Iphone Encrypted Backup Help Needed

I was having issues with my iPhone and restored it on my MacBook.  I did not realize that the backup was encrypted.  I was able to get the appropriate hash.  I changed a few characters to protect the innocent.  I tried ./hashcat -a 3 -m 14800 iphone.txt ?a?a?a?a?a?a?a?a?a?a?a?a based off what I could find in the help file and on videos. But it said it would take 269 years or something on my MacBook.  But the examples were using simple numbers not custom characters.  I also could not figure out how to get a mask or dictionary attack to work properly.  I tried using -1 !QAZ@WSX3qazwsxedcrfvng1234567890DSyou to make it faster for a custom list.  I never could make the dictionary attack work.  I have lost a bunch of stuff because I thought everything was backed up.  Now I killed my primary copy on my phone and the backup is encrypted and I do not know the pw.  Am I missing the forest for the trees and there is an easier method?  I need more specific examples of the lines I should run to efficiently get the password.  Thanks in advance.

What version of Itunes and iOS was used?