Speed up the --show command
I crack hashes email:hash
After breaking the hash I use the command -a 0 -m 100 --username  hash2.txt pas.txt --show -o formatted_output.txt --outfile-format 2 original_MD5_hashes.txt
To get the line email:password
But when there are many lines, for example, 1kk (1 000 000), then the command is executed for a very long time.
How can I accelerate the receipt of the file email:password?
interesting... we had a similar discussion a couple of times in the past (see https://hashcat.net/forum/thread-7756-po...l#pid41734).
We also improved the performance a lot a while back, for instance see this source code change: https://github.com/hashcat/hashcat/commi...64c090b2e0

Maybe there is still something missing and maybe with some special command line arguments and/or very particular sizes of hash file and pot file size on some operating sysetm etc ... it's still kind of slower than expected.

I didn't really get any reply on the above mentioned forum thread. Maybe you can do the test and see if it is acceptable fast for you? That would be great

We need more details and also some kinf of test case (maybe even hash and pot files if it is only reproducible with those huge files etc).... maybe we should troubleshoot it on github, dunno.
To open a github issue you would need to go here: https://github.com/hashcat/hashcat/issues/ , but it's important that your provide the missing information otherwise it's not easy to see what is going on.

What you should know is that hashcat only stores the hashes/digest internally and also the potfile does never contain the user names, the matching therefore is a little bit more complicated because each potfile entry needs to be compared with the original hash list (that makes it kind of slower, but in my benchmarks it's still very fast... but maybe I'm doing the tests different compared to what you tested).