Extract zip

Is my first post-thread, asking help like a child I tried something's before. Sorry for my English isn't my language.
I was created a zip in Linux with password. With 1 folder uncompressed and unencrypted plus 3 files compressed and encrypted.
Method = ZipCrypto Deflate print after run 7z l -slt backup.zip
I can't remember password. I know is a combination/repetition passwords.
I created a dictionary with https://textmechanic.com/text-tools/comb...generator/ and used a recovery password windows app unsuccessful.

Is possible hashcat attack with patterns n combinations without create a dictionary?
passwords are:
pass1= 8756 pass2= abcd pass3=lmntA pass4=Frcj pass5=xcvb
Hashcat will try all possible combinations with n pattern length ?
Combinator attack do this sorry for didn't read wiki

I installed Johnripper version john-1.9.0-jumbo-1.tar.gz, after run ./zip2john backup.zip > output.txt
output file content is:
backup.zip:$pkzip2$3*2*1*0*8*24*8050*9c24*73392bba8880642b34364e15de2722007ad9aec018a7b6198609d886de1d59ba709e5893*1*0*8*24*811e*9c32*c10cb2c47db67eed771f1de3e2073f1a6a569dfe68a5ddab31656aaab38bca20f9876ff3*2*0*6d*7b*3eecbaba*cbbc*4a*8*6d*3eec*0135*96ab88f030364f574f4289f4fd9b29f5afa4f3a774287ef68f191cdc2000d96bb3dd0e9508f85f061af9fe55904bc2fdc399a05975daef1e191142dfb38e29128173aaec1cf9f79916b5d7b903d01f4b2dd3194ce8caae68f36d3060f64e2ccab8790ece5ec8ff4929e0ea99d6*$/pkzip2$::backup.zip:2019/stat.ref, 2019/from.log, 2019/remake.log:backup.zip,
I changed file names for privacy if is needed I can send original names.

I have 1 0f 3 files "stat.ref" is a plain text file in my desktop without encrypt.
Is possible crack hash using this file with rainbow tables or other vector?

Sorry if I'm doing stupid question, my cypher level is low I know.
Thanks for read & Sorry for the pain.