hcmask file with custom charset usage
Hi there,
While using a file with masks, which include ?1, works well with version 3.1, naturally using the -1 with what
characters needed in the command line, preceding the full path for the file that contains the masks to be
Using this same method but with version 5.1, latest build, every line in the masks file which include ?1
give a "Custom-charset 1 is undefined" message and the mask is ignored.
Can anyone point to what is being done wrong ? Thank you.
everything must be defined within the hcmask file.

the format is very clear and also allows using hcchr files etc within the hcmask file directly.

You can't (and are NOT allowed) to define custom charsets etc outside the mask file.

Thank you @philsmd !
I guess then that some changes were made from 3.1 to 5.1 version that doesn't
allow the custom charsets to be defined outside the hcmask file.