Not so random 11 digits? H112-370
Hello everyone.

Nice to be here with the HC community Smile

I have a huawei router 5GCPE H112-370

This device have a [0-9][A-Z]
or from what i see it..

I was thinking that modern routers have gotten better in terms of security.
in the past there was routers that had 8 digits default password which is really dumb..

But right now this 11 digit password seems unbreakable, or at least this is how i see it.

But there is something that made me think again about this one !
After some digging on google i found out that this model "H112-370"

Have the same first 8 digits of IMEI number
and the first 11 digits of S/N
the last 7 digits of imei is dynamic.
same thing with S/N the last 5 digits are also dynamic.

here is example:

S/N: 1123700800035334
IMEI: 867206042032305
WPS: 32630534
S/N: 1123700800005629
IMEI: 867206040998028
WPS: 39100238

End of example..

maybe it's some how generates the WPA from the serial number or imei?
i have a firmware if anyone is interested, but sadly it's encrypted binary file Smile

If anyone has encountered a similar situation i would really like to hear from you.


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