Plugins 2500/2501 and 16800/16801 are deprecated
Hello,  ZerBea  

I will show you a handshake package file again, hope you can use a more accurate algorithm to solve it.
This is the hc22000 format I converted from your website. I found that it doesn't seem to extract a valid hash, but I can tell you for sure that the file contains at least one valid password.  Valid password: ht3466227

I try to use the hccapx algorithm format conversion, it can extract a valid hash.

In fact, I have collected a lot of such special handshake packages, and I tested them one by one, and found that the other files were no problem, only this handshake package file had a problem.

I have always liked your algorithm, because I tested thousands of such handshake files with your algorithm, and no problems have been found so far.

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