cudaHashcat questions
Hi guys!

I have few questions about cudaHashcat-plus.

I wanted to crack some joomla passwords.

Out of 5 joomla hashes. I only cracked 1

Here's what I have:

NVIDIA GeForce 610M
3GB dictionary
Win 7 with i7
8GB of RAM


1.) Do I have to use a specific dictionary for joomla hash?

2.) Is there any other syntax to extend the cracking of my hashes? - I used only this syntax: D:\cudaHashcat-plus64.exe -m 11 joomla-hash.txt d:\hashcat\dic

3.) Where to get good dictionaries for joomla?

4.) Im using cudaHashcat-plus64.exe, I assume it's using its video card. But I have i7. which one is better? i7 or my nvidia 610m?

Thank you in advanced

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