permission denied: ./hashcat
(05-15-2022, 02:49 AM)pdo Wrote:
(05-15-2022, 12:55 AM)Bananagang Wrote: [quote="pdo" pid='55383' dateline='1652529899']
You're trying to execute a directory, not the hashcat binary. 

What do you mean?
I mean it worked for me before, but now it doesn't.
Then how do I execute the hashcat binary?

Here is what I am saying:

1) you are in your home directory
2) under your home directory there is a directory named "hashcat"
3) when you type "./hashcat" your shell interprets that to mean "execute the thing called 'hashcat' that's right here in the current directory (this is what the ./ part means)
4) what is in the current directory named hashcat is a directory, not an executable binary, which is why your shell (zsh) says "zsh:permission denied: ./hashcat", because it cannot execute a directory.  This is further reinforced when you try to use bash to execute it instead and bash says "bash: ./hashcat: is a directory".  The error is right there in black and white.

I don't know *how* you installed hashcat, I don't know *where* your hashcat binary is (though I can guess).  I would suggest taking a basic shell tutorial so you better understand how to use zsh or bash, and how to interpret shell output.

Thank you very much!

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