Device #3: ATTENTION! OpenCL kernel self-test failed.
Sorry, thought thats what I said. Thanks that will be an excellent work around until I can get it figured out. Any idea why it would just stop working? I tried reinstalling the drivers via the intel site however I receive a message stating that I need to see my manufactures website, I then tried to install the drivers on dell's site but no luck. You wouldn't by chance know where I could find the appropriate driver?

In any case, thanks for the response. Will give that a try, not like the onboard gfx were adding much to the equation. Would still love to know a fix or why it just seemed to happen randomly. Like I said I ran a bunch of hashes last night, when it ended figured Id give my pc a chance to cool down. Came back in the morning tried to run some new hashes and received that message. Been struggling with it ever since, Thanks again.

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RE: Device #3: ATTENTION! OpenCL kernel self-test failed. - by Feihongjr - 12-17-2022, 01:19 AM