Follow up on creating a pattern
(03-03-2023, 05:06 PM)pdparisi Wrote: I posted on this elsewhere here, but have a more detailed description of the potential password:

• Two words
• Initial caps or lowercase
• Numbers after. Most likely 4 digits
• Special characters before or after, typically $ or !

Examples of passwords: Plate&1015, or $Plate8988, Plate8988$

your description doesnt fit your example passes, where is the second word?

anyways, this is an attack which is not trivial, you have to prepare wordlist, rules or masks on your own beforehand, a simple one cli solution is not available for this

it all starts with your basic dictionary, how many entrys? to gain some speed while cracking you could use rules or an combinator attack for the last part of your pass

i think i would use combinator attack, preparing basic dict with entrys like this

ando so on, depending on your "typically" wana try all specail chars?
also wanna try entries like this?

and use mask or masks like this (also depending on all specials chars or not)

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