What is the best video card for brute force?
(09-26-2023, 06:03 PM)Chick3nman Wrote: You will almost certainly not be able to buy a system that has 8x 4090. You will end up being forced to buy professional cards for a system like that and it will cost a lot more money. If you want a large system with many GPUs to use for hashcat, unfortunately the best option is 8x Quadro RTX 6000 Ada GPUs in an existing 8 GPU chassis. The problem with that is that it will cost somewhere close to $90,000 from a system integrator since those cards are $7000-8000 each. But hey, that's better than the $16000/each price of the A100 80gb.

Here's an example of such a system: https://bizon-tech.com/bizon-g7000.html#...2665:46467

This is not an endorsement and I've never bought or used any of their systems, but it's a good example.


bizon price 90k$ maybe this best?

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