Performance drop with partially known long plain NTLM
Thanks atom. I'm trying to crack NTLM, so I'm looking at your multi-rule suggestion. I can understand (and have tested) how that would work if I had a wordlist that I could apply the prepend rule to, and know I could generate such a thing using maskprocessor, but I was under the impression that using huge word lists is a bad idea with GPGPU? I'm also not 100% clear what the purpose of the additional rule file is if I was cracking in -a 0 - my guess was that it acts as a pseudo mask by having all combinations of append rules?

I can only conclude that I haven't quite grasped where "my candidates" are coming from - I tried applying a prepend rule to -a 3 (the program ignored the rule), and running -a 0 with both a prepend and append rule together (with and without an empty dictionary, -plus threw up a lack of dictionary error, unsurprisingly).

In short, could you let me know which attack mode you were referring to in your multi-rule suggestion?

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