ERROR: clGetDeviceIDs() -1 on Ubuntu server 12.04
I'm trying to install oclHashcat on Ubuntu server 12.04 X64. I installed ATI drivers by following instruction on --> 2.1. Installing via the command line.

Then installed amd-app_2.4_amd64.deb. When I try to start oclHashcat I get:

$ ./oclHashcat-lite64.bin -m1400 test
ERROR: clGetDeviceIDs() -1

Drivers seem to be working:

$ sudo aticonfig --list-adapters
* 0. 01:00.0 ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5800 Series

* - Default adapter

Note that I also tried to manually install latest/older drivers and SDK directly from ATI website on Ubuntu desktop 12.10 X64 but failed with same error message.

Thanks for your help!

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