ATI vs NV, analysis and results
So, there seem to be quite a few posts regarding which is better, ATI or NVidia. I am by no means an expert on this subject, and I do ask that the experts contribute so that we may all be enlightened. I know atom and Rolf kicked this idea around in IRC the other day, but I hadn't seen a post appear.

I am running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS x64 on an i7 980X, 12 gig DDR3 2000, and 4x GTX 480's. This has been averaging me 4400M/s. Not really the speeds I would have expected from (until recently) NVidia's flagship card, but not bad. Let it also be known I am not a fanboy of Intel/AMD/NVidia. I want what works best, and is in my price range.

From what I understand:

ATI pros:
fast (ATI can double comparable NVidia speeds on small # of hashes)
Low power
Less heat
Many overclocking tools available for all cards on windows/linux

ATI cons:
Poor stream support in linux/windows
Poor driver support in linux
Less precise WPA cracking

NVidia pros:
Excellent CUDA support in linux/windows
Good driver support for windows/linux
More precise WPA cracking
Have yet to see an issue with needing a monitor per card

NVidia cons:
Slower overall cracking (unless large # of hashes)
Cards run really hot
Cards consume ALOT of power

Please feel free to correct me as I am new to hashcat, or add your experience with XX vendor.


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