very strange! nv540m reached 16k h/s
hi, i just started to use oclhashcat+ 2 weeks ago, i have a dell xps 15 with nvidia 540m(2011 model). i got around 2.2k keys per second on intel i7 cpu and 6.5k h/s with gpu accel 64, loops 256.
BUT 2 days ago (last saturday) 540m crack speed reached 16.1k on same config 64+256, a 133mb rockyou.txt file took 24 minutes only. i have no idea what caused the huge jump in speed. hwmonitor showed the temp is normal at 87-96c. the driver was 327.23 but i also had 2 older drivers 310 and earlier in hard disk.
i made a bad decision last night to "upgrade" to the newest r331 driver, now the speed is back to "normal" at 6.5k with 327.23, only 5k with r331. the saddest thing is system restore had no record(restore point) to get it back .
can anyone shed light on this? thx in advance and should i post this on nvidia forum instead?

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very strange! nv540m reached 16k h/s - by dellxps - 10-30-2013, 01:24 AM