Need help for ERROR: clGetPlatformlds<> -1001
hello, i'm new about hashcat, i've downloaded and installed the last version, my pc is windows xp professional vers.2002 service pack3, videocard amd radeon hd7870 with catalyst 13.4. i'm new so i prefer to use the gui version (easier), but with an expert friend i've also used the dos, my problem is that, when i running hashes i get an ERROR: clGetPlatformlds<> -1001 I've also try Catalyst 13.1 but got same error, i've also had another error but i fixed i had opencl.dll error i've found in internet the dll, put it in system 32 folder then, run and in the dos windows type "regsvr32 OpenCL.DLL" then enter, after done this i don't get the opencl error, the opencl error was only using gui
Please someone has an idea to help me?
Many thanks

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Need help for ERROR: clGetPlatformlds<> -1001 - by parco - 01-29-2014, 08:29 PM