Extending a wordlist
To many questions Smile I will answer some of them, maybe a different person will answer some other ones..

> when you get stuck, how do you move on?

Different ways. append + prepend stacked rules Hybrid, Random-Rules, again random-rules, Morph, table attack stdin, when nothing helps BF

> I have found several "wordlists" that are full of random chars, are they useful or not?

They are gold if they are real passwords. There is a good chance the user will reuse it (unless it came out of a password manager, but we don't know that)

> Isn't that the same output that you could get from a masked/bruteforce attack?

Yeah, the difference is a much higher chance

> How do you deal with found passwords?

I'm about to write an article on this topic for a new security magazine. Once it's released I will post an info

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