GNU tools (sort, grep, etc) with OpenCL support?

I have a R9 290X and it's really faster, on the older hand my processor is not that great, just 2.8Mhz! LOL

When we work with wordlists such as doing sort, grep, uniq, etc it's very slow on big wordlists even with fast storage, I believe it's because they work with one single core that is not that powerful. Do you know a way to make sort, grep, etc work with all the cores at the same time on a big wordlist?

Or better yet, GNU tools such as sort, grep, ... version that is GPU oriented? This would be very helpful.

I goggled, but just found academic projects, no usable code. Or what approach do you use to speed it as most as possible?


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GNU tools (sort, grep, etc) with OpenCL support? - by rickm - 07-08-2014, 06:24 PM